Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sports Research Biotin

I have heard good things about biotin in the past, my friends who are growing out their hair swear by it. I've had this weird phenomenon with my hair for the past year or two, where it grows, but the layers don't seem to. I mostly wear my hair curly, so it isn't really noticeable, but when I straighten my hair it is obvious and looks pretty terrible to have these layers at an awkward length.

I looked into different types of biotin and came across the brand 'Sports Research' on Amazon. It is extremely high rated in general, and especially for their high potency biotin product. Reading through the reviews, many people also posted pictures which is what sealed the deal for me.

So 3 days later I got them in the mail and immediately started taking them, 2 pills a day.
The pills are small and soft. No aftertaste, no real smell.

Before taking the pills: 

I'm making sure my hair will be the same for these pictures. I figured that since the issues can be seen better when it is straight, that I'll have it that way for these pictures. When my hair was straight, the ends were thinner than the top, my weird layers gave my hair an odd shape and I just plain hated it.

After 1 week:
After 1 week alone I knew I was in love with this product. LOOK HOW DIFFERENT MY HAIR IS!! The biggest change is the layers, which really miraculously grew. My hair overall has much more volume, especially the ends which were very thin before.

After 2 weeks:

I just finished week 2. At this point I have noticed growth in the overall length and my hair has become much thicker than it was.

I have been good about consistently taking these pills twice a day everyday for a little over 2 weeks now. I honestly believe that they are working as they claim to, and I think it shows in the pictures. Most noticeably when comparing them to the before picture.

I will continue to take pictures every week, and I'll post the results :]

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